Are there any special precautions i should take when traveling with my device and funky lands (republic) vape?

Airlines don't allow vaporizers or e-cigarettes to be placed in the hold, so if you put yours in your checked baggage, this could cause delays. These rules may vary from airline to airline, but the general rule described by the TSA is that the device must be in hand luggage. If you don't, they'll likely confiscate your vaporizer or e-cigarette if they discover you with them in your checked baggage. Airport security often searches these bags to see if they contain prohibited items, and keeping a disposable vaporizer there can result in confiscation or even payment of a fine.

While vaping is allowed, vaping in public places is highly regulated, so always follow the country's regulations to avoid being fined. With a complicated legal landscape surrounding vaping even in the most progressive countries, it's no surprise that there are still countless countries that have strict vaping laws. The country's vaping laws should be properly researched before carrying any vaping device or e-liquid with you.