What is funky lands (republic) vape?

FUNKY REPUBLIC BY EB: Yes, another creation of the minds of the vaping company formerly known as Elf Bar. Funky Republic comes with the best, most technological heavy vaporizer we've seen to date. No joke, with 7,000 inhalations, a USB C charging port and a power supply integrated into a Quag Tech Coil that includes a digital battery level indicator. Along with the terminal body, the EB Juice is in the tank, making it the most popular vaporizer on the market, period.

The Funky Lands Ti7000 also features Quaq Tech mesh coils, offering a superior vaping experience with a smooth and tasty vapor. The Funky Lands full screen lets you know exactly the remaining battery and battery level, and that's why they call it the world's first smart disposable vaporizer. So if you're looking for an easy way to enjoy your favorite flavors and get your dose of nicotine, the Funky Lands Republic Ti7000 is definitely worth a try.