What is the flavor profile of funky lands (republic) vape?

This flavor profile is simply a mix of fruits to give you a flavor you'll really appreciate. Try the incredible taste of mixed fruity candies. Tropical Island: This is an excellent tropical-flavored vaporizer from Funky Republic. Tropical Island's Funky Republic Ti7000 is a fruity vaporizer with peaches, lemons, and possibly a little mango on the bottom, all with medium-light ice.

The Funky Lands Ti7000 also features Quaq Tech mesh coils, offering a superior vaping experience with a smooth and tasty vapor. The California Cherry Funky Republic vaporizer has a sugar-free cherry flavor that sets it apart from its peers. The Strawberry Banana Funky Republic flavor is one of the most accurate strawberry and banana vaporizers I've tried in my life. So if you're looking for an easy way to enjoy your favorite flavors and get your dose of nicotine, the Funky Lands Republic Ti7000 is definitely worth a try.

The Funky Lands full screen lets you know exactly the remaining consumption and battery level, and that's why Funky Lands is called the world's first smart disposable vaporizer.