What is the shelf life of funky lands (republic) vape?

One of the most outstanding features of the Funky Lands Fi3000 disposable vaporizer is its generous 5 ml pre-filled e-liquid capacity. This large capacity allows for an impressive number of approximately 3000 inhalations. You'll find that the convenience of not having to constantly refill your device is truly liberating. The pre-charged e-liquid also ensures a consistent, high-quality flavor with every puff, providing an uninterrupted and enjoyable vaping session every time.

The Funky Republic Fi3000 is equipped with a long-lasting 800 mAh battery that offers around 3000 inhalations. With the same well-known Quaq coils found in the BC5000 Ultra, Ti7000 and MO5000, the flavor profile remains constant and pleasant throughout the product's lifespan. Its 5 ml juice capacity ensures that every puff is a pleasure, and its compact size makes it the perfect companion for those seeking comfort without compromising quality. The Ti7000 has a screen, which could be the first time in the disposable market.

I don't think I've ever seen a screen on one. The screen shows the charge of the device and the amount of liquid that remains, which I think is a very interesting function because it solves my two biggest frustrations with disposable products. The Ti7000's battery is 600 mAh, which I think is a good size for a capsule-type device. I expect it to last a full day of use for most people.

Discover the latest edition of the ELFBAR family with the highest capacity to date. The Funky Republic Ti7000 disposable device is the first disposable electronic cigarette with a screen that says it all. Vapers will be able to see both the level of e-cigarette consumption and battery life with each inhalation, and the device lasts approximately 7000 inhalations. Users can even recharge the vaporizer through the lower USB Type-C charging port and enjoy a long-lasting and consistent taste experience thanks to the Quaq Tech Coil.

The Funky Lands Fi3000 disposable vaporizer is designed with patented Quaq technology, an innovation that ensures a smooth, consistent and tasty vaping experience.